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China calls on U.S. politicians to stop colluding with Hong Kong separatists

The Chinese foreign ministry's commissioner in Hong Kong said on Tuesday the city belongs to China and that it will firmly respond to any action that harms China's sovereignty.


Drought reveals lost temple in Thailand submerged by dam

Thousands are flocking to see a Buddhist temple in central Thailand exposed after drought drove water levels to record lows in a dam reservoir where it had been submerged.


Comcast's Xfinity suffering nationwide outage

Comcast users across the US have been hit with an Xfinity outage.


China warns Hong Kong protesters not to mistake restraint for weakness

Radical protesters in Hong Kong must not mistake China's restraint for weakness, China's Hong Kong affairs office said on Tuesday, vowing that the "violent criminals" pushing the city toward a "dangerous abyss" would be brought to justice.