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Movie exec who brought Beatles to the big screen dies aged 87

Tributes paid to David V. Picker, responsible for the Fab Four's films, Midnight Cowboy and Steve Martin.

BBC News

Pete Buttigieg wants the FTC to fight big tech monopolies

"Antitrust law as we know it has begun to hit its limits."

The Verge

Morocco trains foreign students in its practice of moderate Islam

RABAT: Naminata Koulibaly, 30, receives training in a Moroccan Muslim teaching institute, founded by King Mohammed VI in 2015, and hopes to return to her home in Ivory Coast better equipped to advise women on religious issues.

Channel NewsAsia

Intel’s new laptop processors hit the 5GHz mark

Plus, new 9th Gen chips for desktops

The Verge

FDA clears first personal ECG device to detect three heart arrhythmias

AliveCor has the first personal ECG device than detect three common forms of heart arrhythmia, not just atrial fibrillation.