FILE PHOTO: Ayame Tachibana, a 27 year old Japanese model shows off a Valentine’s Day card for the iQOS "heated tobacco" device on her Instagram account. Photo: Reuters
Brain - Citing Reuters report, health groups push tech firms to police tobacco marketing
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The organizations' letter to the firms cited a recent Reuters report https://www.reuters.com/article/us-philipmorris-ecigs-instagram-exclusiv/exclusive-philip-morris-suspends-social-media-campaign-after-reuters-exposes-young-influencers-idUSKCN1SH02K

Elizabeth Luke said the company prohibits the promotion of tobacco products, accessories and brands worldwide but declined to comment on whether that includes influencers paid to feature tobacco products on their accounts

Reuters identified several Twitter posts over the last two years from influencers who posted photographs or linked back promoting the product

Philip Morris said May 10 that it launched an internal investigation and suspended all "product-related digital influencer actions globally" after Reuters sought the company's comment on examples of Instagram posts and photographs depicting young, hip women advertising IQOS

None of the influencers mentioned in the May 10 Reuters report responded to requests for comment

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