Police guard outside the Legislative Council building, in Hong Kong, China, on June 15, 2019.
Brain - Hong Kong braces for huge rally after leader climbdown over extradition Bill
Key Highlights

Hong Kong braces for another mass rally on Sunday (June 16) as public anger seethes following unprecedented clashes between protesters and police over an extradition law, despite a climbdown by the city's embattled leader in suspending the Bill

Lam stopped short of committing to permanently scrapping the proposal

The protest movement has morphed in recent days from one specifically aimed

"The pro-democracy group will not stop at this point, they want to build on the momentum against Carrie Lam," political analyst Willy Lam told AFP

But critics - say officers used the actions of a tiny group of violent protesters as an excuse to unleash a sweeping crackdown on the predominantly young, peaceful protesters

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