Source: CNN
Brain - The outcry to stop the execution of Texas death row inmate Rodney Reed is growing. The support has 'bolstered him,' his attorney says
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Benjet told CNN there is a "a mountain of evidence" that proves Reed's innocence and points suspicion at Stites' then-fiance, Jimmy Fennell, a local police officer who was a suspect at the time of the investigation

Reed became a suspect in Stites' killing after he was arrested for kidnapping, beating and attempting to rape and kill another woman near Stites usually took to work at the time she disappeared, prosecutors said

Benjet said the prosecution's case was based on the theory that Reed abducted said

"There's no evidence that's worthy of presenting even to a grand jury that Jimmy Fennell was somehow involved," Phillips said Lisa Tanner, a Texas deputy assistant attorney general who was the lead prosecutor for Reed's case, maintained in a statement that Reed is guilty

"A large amount of credible evidence, including irrefutable DNA evidence, the testimony of witnesses, and the pattern Rodney Reed followed in committing his other sexual assaults, show beyond a reasonable doubt that he raped and murdered Stacey Stites," Tanner said