AP Photo/Andy Wong
Brain - Trump declares 'national emergency' to make way for Huawei ban
Key Highlights

The US government now has some pretext for outright bans on doing business with Chinese telecom firms

President Trump has signed an executive order declaring a national emergency banning sales and use of telecom equipment that poses " unacceptable " risks to national security

The US government has repeatedly deterred companies and institutions from working with firms like Huawei and ZTE over surveillance fears and has accused Huawei of receiving direct funding from Chinese state security

There has n't been public evidence of Huawei facilitating Chinese government espionage

But that has n't stopped US officials from applying pressure to allies

All the same, the order is a significant move, if and when China is singled out, it would bar companies from using the country's telecom hardware no matter how limited the actual danger might be