Image by Alex Boersma
Image: NASA
Brain - Water vapor — and maybe even rain — found on distant world twice the size of Earth
Key Highlights

Water vapor has been found in the atmosphere of a distant planet that's just over twice the size of Earth

"For the first time, a planet in this temperature regime a regime that is very, very similar to the Earth we are demonstrating that there is actually liquid water," Bj rn Benneke, an exoplanet researcher at the University of Montreal and lead author on the study published in the Astronomical Journal, tells The Verge

Exoplanets that are presumed to be rocky like Earth, Venus, or Mars are typically less than 1.6 times the size of our planet

The telescope will be able to study worlds that are smaller than K2-18b and more akin to our planet, in addition to mini-Neptunes and worlds orbiting in the habitable zones of their stars

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